BASF Mastertop 1200 Series

MasterTop® epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic flooring systems have been protecting and beautifying floors since 1925. From chemical resistant floors to decorative aggregate systems, MasterTop materials, now part of Master Builders Solutions by BASF brand, offer the diversity and time-tested performance required by today’s building owners.


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MasterTop resinous flooring systems combine ease of maintenance with the toughness and durability required in challenging commercial, institutional and industrial environments. In addition, MasterTop flooring systems can be installed in a variety of attractive colors, finishes and surface profiles. All MasterTop flooring systems are available in a variety of textures to provide slip resistance for enhanced safety.

The full product line of MasterTop epoxy and polyurethane flooring materials are customized to your specific needs. Create unique systems for your facility that take into
account available downtime, durability, construction schedules and budgets.

Protection from harsh conditions keeps your facility up and running faster and longer.

MasterTop flooring systems provide:

  • Durability in high traffic areas
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Varying surface textures
  • Reduced downtime with quick curing solutions

Beautiful floors can give your facility a unique appearance while meeting all your
functional requirements. These customizable flooring systems provide:

  • Unlimited color variety for ultimate design flexibility
  • Attractive finishes and surface textures
  • Variety of decorative broadcasts in both color and appearance
  • Cleaning and maintain ease

Available BASF Mastertop 1200 Series in Thailand


Polurethane-Polyurea hybrid waterproofing membrane MasterSeal M 860 is a hand applied, solvent free, two component, self levelling, polyurethane -polyuria hybrid based, elastomeric coating.


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Floor Finish Ucrete MF is a unique HD Polyurethane resin floor with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals. It provides a smooth protective floor finish suitable for applications in predominantly dry environments. It is dense and impervious, providing the ideal floor finish for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries including clean room, laboratory, packing hall and warehouse applications and wherever a robust, long lived floor is required. Ucrete Industrial Flooring has been widely used throughout the industry for more than 40 years; many of the older floors are still in service. A detailed project reference list is available upon request


สารบ่มและเคลือบผิวคอนกรีต Sikafloor® ProSeal -22 เป็นสารประกอบใสส่วนผสมเดียว ประเภทอะคริลิค ใช้สำหรับบ่มและเคลือบพื้นผิวคอนกรีตทั้งเก่า และใหม่


วัสดุเพิ่มความแกร่งผิวชนิดผสมสารประกอบ Sikafloor® -3 QuartzTop เป็นวัสดุผสมพร้อมใช้งาน เพื่อเพิ่มความแกร่งที่ผิวคอนกรีต ประกอบด้วยทรายคละคัดพิเศษ, ซีเมนต์, สารเพิ่มคุณสมบัติประเภท ลดน้ำและผงสี

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