BASF MasterEmaco 2525 (Formerly known as Concresive 2525), 5 litr/set (A+B)


BASF MasterEmaco 2525 Formerly known as Concresive 2525 is solvent free epoxy binder, structural adhesive and general purpose primer. MasterEmaco 2525 is a solvent free, high performance, versatile epoxy binder that can be used to produce a range of epoxy resin based mortars or as a primer for both flooring and waterproofing products. MasterEmaco 2525 can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces and adheres to most substrates after proper preparation.



  • Structural bonding of new to old concrete
  • Production of epoxy resin mortars for floor toppings
  • Production of epoxy resin mortars to grout bolt holes
  • Steel bonding
  • Rapid structural repair of concrete
  • Grouting dowels
  • Segmental bonding mortar
  • Priming of concrete floors prior to applying Mastertop Flooring Systems and MasterSeal Membrane Systems to achieve structural bond


  • Adheres to wet or damp surfaces - Wide application area from mortars to primers and adhesives.
  • Solvent free - Low VOC and non-shrink
  • Pre-proportioned packaging - No job site errors
  • Multi-purpose binder - Many uses
  • Low viscosity - Easy to apply as primer
  • High abrasion and chemical resistance - Can be used as wearing surface
  • Approved to AS/NZS 4020:2002 - Suitable for contact with Potable Water
  • Cures hard at low temperatures - Wide application range
Download Technical Data Shee - BASF MasterEmaco 2525


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