BASF Masterflow 870, 25 kg/bag

Dual shrinkage compensated, precision grout MASTERFLOW 870 is a cementitious, high strength, precision grout with natural aggregates. It is formulated to provide extended working time and dual stage expansion to compensate for shrinkage in both plastic and hardened states.



MASTERFLOW 870 is recommended for precision non shrink grouting applications with clearances of 10 mm or more including:

  • Critical equipment baseplates and columns.
  • Precast wall panels, beams, columns, structural building members and curtain walls.
  • Patching poured in place concrete structures e.g. honeycombing, using preplaced aggregate
  • Underpinning
  • Concrete repair applications where a form and pour material is required.
  • Applications requiring high early and ultimate compressive strengths.
  • Stanchion bases, bridge bearings and sole plates.


  • Dual shrinkage compensated: Maintains total contact with base plates for efficient transfer of operating loads to the foundation.
  • Free flowing: Easy and complete filling of even narrow gaps for effective grouting. High early and final strengths: Early load transfer and rapid commissioning of equipment. Minimises down time.
  • Extended working time: Facilitates grouting of difficult placements in a single pour.
  • Non metallic aggregates: Non-staining grout.
  • Factory blended: Eliminates errors of site batching and blending. Consistent performance.
Download Technical Data Sheet - BASF Masterflow 870
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