BASF Masterflow 648CP, 104.3 kg/set


Low creep, high strength, high flow, high temperature epoxy grout MasterFlow 648 is a precision epoxy resin grout, consisting of 3 components - resin, hardener and specially blended inert aggregates. On mixing, the components yield a high flow, high strength grout. The grout is designed for use even in narrow gaps under base plates and to effectively transfer all static and dynamic loads to the equipment foundation even at elevated service temperatures.

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MasterFlow 648 is recommended for grouting heavy-duty machines exerting high dynamic loads
on foundations. It is suitable for minimum 15mm gap below the baseplate. The product is ideal for
situations where :

  • Gaps below baseplates are narrow and / or where the baseplates are large.
  • Machine baseplates can attain high temperatures in service. e.g: heavy duty compressors in petrochemical industries.
  • Machines exert high vibratory / tensile loads on foundations. e.g: ball mills in the steel industry.
  • The grout bed is likely to be exposed to spillage of aggressive chemicals. e.g.: grout beds below
    machines in chemical industries.
  • Machines have to be commissioned quickly. e.g: production machines taken out for maintenance.


  • High flow - Effective grouting of even narrow gaps and large baseplates.
  • High tensile and flexural strengths - Efficient transfer of operational loads to foundation. Withstands high dynamic loads.
  • High strengths even at elevated temperatures - Maintains alignment and level even with elevated baseplate temperatures.
  • High bond strength- Protects machine from vibrations by effective dampening.
  • High resistance to creep - Maintains alignment and level over long time.
  • Good chemical resistance - Durable even when exposed to certain industrial chemicals.
  • High early strengths - Allows early load transfer. And Rapid commissioning of machines.

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