BASF MastersealRoof 3500 System


Crack bridging, Spray applied Waterproofing system for Roofs MasterSeal Roof 3500 is a liquid applied, crack bridging roof waterproofing system based on advanced polymeric materials. It consists of a primer, an elastomeric waterproofing membrane, and an UV resistant top coat. The seamless coating has an attractive, UV and weather resistant finish which is easy to clean and maintain.

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MasterSeal Roof 3500 is intended for use on exposed roof slabs. MasterSeal Roof 3500 is also used on slabs with pedestrian traffic.


  • Crack bridging – Copes with existing and newly formed cracks
  • UV and Weather Resistant – Durable and Long life
  • Easy to apply – no pre-striping of cracks or joints
  • Reactive Spray application – Faster & Easier application over large areas
  • Liquid Applied – Easy to apply over complex shapes
  • Versatile - Can be applied to variety of substrates using selected primers
  • Attractive appearance – colors available

MasterSeal Roof 3500 is multi-layered system and is composed of
1. Primer
2. Membrane
3. Topcoat
Primer: Selection of right primer depends upon the substrate to which membrane is being applied. Use the following table to select the right primer


  • Concrete / Cementitious Screed: MasterEmaco P 2525, MasterSeal P 2525, MasterTop P 1602, MasterTop 1140
  • Bitumen Felt: MasterSeal P 698
  •  Asphalt Screed: MasterTop P 660
  • Plywood: MasterTop P 660 / 691
  • GRP / GFK: MasterSeal P 691
  • Iron and Steel: MasterSeal P 681
  • Non-Ferrous Metal: MasterSeal P 684
  • Aged MasterSeal Membranes: MasterSeal P 691

Membrane: Two component solvent free, highly reactive waterproofing membrane that can only be applied by special, two component spray equipment.
MasterSeal M 800 / M 820

Top Coat: Single component low solvent, pigmented, moisture curing, UV and weather resistant, protective top coat based on high quality aliphatic polyurethane prepolymers.
MasterSeal TC 258 / 259

Download Technical Data Sheet: BASF Masterseal Roof 3500

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