BASF Masterseal 860, 30 kg/set (A+B) (formerly known as Conipur M 860)


Polurethane-Polyurea hybrid waterproofing membrane MasterSeal M 860 is a hand applied, solvent free, two component, self levelling, polyurethane -polyuria hybrid based, elastomeric coating.


MasterSeal M 860 is used in a variety of general concrete waterproofing applications including
balconies, terraces, podium decks and car park decks. It is also used in roofing applications where
there is no requirement for a fire retardant system.

MasterSeal M 860 is self levelling and is used on horizontal and near horizontal surfaces.


Monolithic - no laps, welds or seams

Fully bonded - if punctured water can’t track

High water vapour permeability - low risk of blistering from osmotic pressure

Optimum tensile strength - Excellent crack bridging capability

Resistant to puncture - high shore hardness

Unaffected by contaminants in ground water - Resistant to constant contact with ground water.

Thermoset – does not soften at temperatures found in roofing or deck applications.

Low TG approx. 45oC - Remains elastic at low temperatures

Fast setting - Can be re-coated after only a few hours

Low VOC - Solvent free

Download Technical Data Sheet: BASF Masterseal M860

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