BASF Masterinject 1333, 8.83 kg/set (A+B)


Low viscosity epoxy resin for injection grouting MasterInject 1333 is a two component solvent free epoxy resin based Injection grouting system with an extended pot-life, injecting cracks to restore structural integrity.



MasterInject 1333 is recommended for grouting of fine cracks, cold joints. Voids etc. in concrete structural elements which are threatening the structural integrity or water tightness.

Applications include grouting of minute void for repair purposes.

  • Cold joints between different concrete pours
  • Stabilised cracks in structural elements
  • Unfilled voids behind tiles, stone facades and joints
  • Fine gaps around anchor bolts loosened due to improper grouting
  • Gap behind steel late for epoxy plate bonding


  • High elastic modulus – effective transfer of of stresses at bond interface
  • High Heat Deflection Temperature – resists creep at high service conditions
  • Low Viscosity - Effective penetration into very fine gaps less than 0.1mm
  • High Bond strength – renders grouted area monolithic
  • Good Bond to damp surfaces –advantage in humid environments
  • Long potlife – sufficient time to penetrate deeply
  • Pre proportioned – avoidance of site errors
  • Fast Curing – fast return to service of repaired area.

Download Technical Data Sheet: BASF Masterinject 1333

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